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Lavender Dreams
Lavender Dreams
Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams


A lavender gift box with everything you need for a luxury spa day in the comforts of your own home...

Saltspring Soapworks - lavender blossom salts -
Epsom and sea salts are a natural exfoliant and lavender oil and blossoms work to calm your mind and body. It’s an age-old means of body care, and we hand make our bath salts on premises.

Saltspring Soapworks - lavender shea soap bar -
a moisturizing blend of organic shea butter and soothing lavender essential oils. In turn, you get a luxuriously lathering—and long lasting—bar that melts your stress away.

Sealuxe - a rose water hydrosol mist -
A quick facial moisture pick-me-up that smells divine. Smells like fresh roses and strong enough to use as a perfume or as a natural room spray.For skin hydration, tired eyes, treating blemishes, relieving sunburns or other skin irritations.

Saltspring Soapworks - lavender shea butter lotion -
nourish and protect your body, hands, and face, with our most revered lotion. Shea butter moisturizes, while seaweed and carrot oil revitalize. Healing calendula and sea buckthorn oils nourish and protect your skin—and soothing lavender oil leaves your skin softly fragrant.

Saltspring Soapworks - Lavender Eucalyptus Wash
A calming and refreshing hand and body wash. A blend of soothing lavender and essential oils of pure eucalyptus help you achieve fresh, clean, and soft skin. Together, these calm the mind and quiet the senses, while gently hydrating and cleansing.

This collection comes in a two piece, cardboard box, beautifully presented with a dried lavender bundle from locally sourced lavender farms.