Salty Sea-Dog


A collection of sea-salty favourites!

Chocolatas - Salted caramel milk chocolates - a crisp yet gentle touch of sea-salt flakes enhance the flavour of this exquisite chocolate.

Seachange Seafoods - lobster pate
This rich and creamy pâté is a decadent Canadian treat. A gorgeous combination of lobster meat from Canada's east coast, seasoned with a splash of brandy.

Sweetsmith Candy Co. - sea salt chocolate toffee caramel.
Fleur de sel, the flower of the sea. The sweet and salty mingle perfectly with the smooth sensation of Belgian chocolate.

Tout de Sweet - caramel popcorn
Toasted coconut caramel popcorn, highly addictive!

Rockcoast - smoked salt toffee bark
English style toffee with nuts topped with dark chocolate and smoked sea salt.

Peaks Coffee - Duncan Garage Blend
A local favourite, named after a popular eatery here in the Cowichan Valley where this smooth blend of coffee is served.

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