Seachange Seafoods- a smokey, creamy smoked salmon pate.

Mrs Jones Jams - Apricot Habenero Jelly -fiery Habanero chillies combined with sweet, dried apricots! Delicious! Serve with your favourite crackers and cream cheese.

Vancouver Island Salt Co. - orange and lime infused sea salt, great for seafood, thai food, salads and margaritas!

Cure Artisan Meats and Cheese - Red onion jam - a local favourite, delicious on burgers, sandwiches or with a cheese board.

Vancouver Island Hot Sauce - Breath of Humbaba - inspired by a mythical Vancouver Island creature of our islands cedar forest, it is made with a drop of extract from the leave of our local western red cedar. Other flavours of lime, cilantro and lemongrass are noted.

This collection comes in a two piece, cardboard box, beautifully presented with seasonal decorations

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