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The Gourmet Grill
The Gourmet Grill

The Gourmet Grill


Rock Coast- a box of highly addictive mini melt chocolates with the slightest hint of heat, handcrafted in Victoria,BC

Seachange Seafoods Crab Pate - a mild, buttery crab spread from BC's coastal waters.

Triple Smoke Canadian Smoke - an incredible blend of seasonings triple smoked for an amazing flavour for all types of meats, seafood or protein. So good with the bbq season.

Mrs Jones Jams - Red pepper jelly made in the Cowichan Valley- delicious with your favourite cheese and crackers.

Saltspring Island Kitchen - locally crafted grainy charcuterie mustard.

This collection comes in a two piece, slide top, wooden keepsake box, beautifully presented with seasonal decorations